It all started back in October of 1984, when I received Aquazoid as a birthday gift.

Welcome to the construction based Zoids online resource, Zoid.US. With focus on #Zoid construction and Featuring everything from #OJR Zoids, #OER Zoids, #Techno Zoids, #Blox, # Z builders Zoids,  #Zoids 2, #NJR Zoids, #Yuji Kaida #Zoids, #Chrome Zoids, #Holotech Zoids, #Limited Zoids, to the 25th anniversary  #Rebirth Century Zoids. This is #Zoidsus!

If you see the "file folder" icon listed, click it! I have also added some history along with pertinent weapons system information.  You will also find a "rarity level" on each piece indicating how easy or not so easy the unit is to locate should you so desire to find one for yourself.

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Zoids Ice Blazer Full Build Review

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Comparing and contrasting the three Dead Border releases.

Vintgae Toy Shipping Guide Video

A short video on how to ship Zoids/model kits. (I made this as I was tired of poor packing.)

Dead Border visits Museum of Natural History.

I have spent over a decade looking for this Zoid. (Still looking)

The decapod crustaceans of Zoids.

Hasbro exclusive Gravity Zoids.

The Cherry Blossom Liger.

Techno Zoids Mad Thunder fact or fiction?

The "Three Tigers" Rayse and Blox Ptero Rayse.

Iron Kong PK and Bloody Deathsaurer.

2005 Tokoyo Dinosaur Expo Zoids.

Super 1000 series OJR Zoid.

YK Iron Kong in the snow.

Zoids Visa credit card application.

Offical OJR Zoids price list 1990.

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