05-31-24 Officially free from GoDaddy. SSL complete. Discord created (front page updated with Discord invite).

05-27-24 Official announcement "Project C", process of transferring the domain FROM Go Daddy started. Looking forward to the future.

05-07-24 Updated front page, Moving the domain from GoDaddy so all links will be as they were WITHOUT the http://s993040910.onlinehome.us/. I have decided to preserve the site as it was, and will be posting new content mainly on the platforms listed on Linktree.

02-21-24 Added Link Tree

02-14-24 Zoid.us featured on Tik Tok "Spotlight On" updated

02-09-24 Broken links removed, new links added, all pictures/reviews recovered, site "officially" relaunched

01-18-24 Hello again! It’s been awhile. I am back (really never “fully” departed) I am trying to recover ALL of the images. I hope some may enjoy the reviews and old Zoids chronicle “interviews”. I am on Instagram (ZoidUS) and have my original email (Zoid at Zoid dot US) again! Here’s to looking forward. PS: I have NOT stopped looking for the “Battle Rex” any information is, as always, very welcome. Thanks